Monday, 26 November 2012

Oh to be a fly on the wall...

Oh to be a fly on the wall in a day in the life of me... Was my first day of placement at another new school today, and after mad panic and a bedroom turned completely upside down in a bid to get ready as quickly and efficiently as possible all because I thought I was running half an hour late, I made my way in a torrential downpour. The sound of Count Basie in my ears combined with a collapsed umbrella encasing my entire upper body, and the puddles in my shoes while I stormed along the road, I felt rather like someone should have been following me with a camera creating a black and white farce film. I must have looked quite a site when I arrived... 15 minutes early. My walking pace never ceases to amaze me.

Started my Christmas shopping on Saturday (thinking of my walking pace), and what a successful day it was! The horror of having to venture into town on a Saturday was quickly overcome once I realised just how hilarious the hoards of people really were. I think John Lewis has to be my entertainment highlight (yes, I know it was ridiculous of me to even enter the shop in the lead up to Christmas) where there were least 2, if not 3 bands of musicians playing Christmas carols both inside and outside the shop. This may have been an attempt at a peaceful and calm ambience but it was definitely drowned out by the buzz of customers who despite the Christmas cheer clearly still wished to pummel each and every other customer around them, all in pursuit of the finest festive hamper. Made a quick escape and ended up spending my entire shopping trip around Elm Hill, St Benedict’s and The Lanes. I really am a bit of a Norwich snob these days, mostly avoiding the high street end unless absolutely necessary that I pay a visit to Topshop or perhaps the Forum. Had a posh fish finger sandwich for lunch (still can’t really believe I actually paid for a fish finger sandwich!) which was pretty exciting – saw a couple walking away from St Andrew’s Hall with one in hand and couldn’t resist finding out where it had come from. Found the sandwich, along with some other very exciting Italian treats at Amaretto Deli (most famous for the ginormous slices of takeaway pizza) and this wasn’t just any fish finger sandwich, oh no. This was a cod goujon fish finger sandwich on ciabatta stuffed full of plenty of healthy leaves and tartar sauce and it was HUGE and made me very happy – I can’t help but feel that a day doesn’t feel quite satisfying enough until good food gets involved. Sitting on a soggy bench surrounded by shopping bags with white flour billowing around me every time I breathed out, goujon dropping out of the bottom of my ciabatta – classy weekend clearly set me up for a classy start to the week.