Sunday, 4 November 2012

When someone asks me what I like to do, I always struggle to come up with an answer beyond shopping. Though oddly enough, I actually have quite a few interests – it’s just I’d probably call them ‘quirks’ instead, so don’t always openly admit to them.
Seems to me if someone starts a blog they usually have a theme, and I just wouldn’t be interesting or interested enough in writing if I was to stick with one thing! So maybe my theme is a multitude of themes?
I’ve just started a PGCE, so the urge to ramble on about school children’s amusing tales and adventures is overwhelming. Yet at the same time, I’m determined not to become one of these people who can only talk about my career; although I’m sure I’m not always going to be able to contain myself...
So then there’s music. But would that be me as a musician or as a listener? I started playing my first instrument when I was 6 and I’ve worked my way through 7 instruments to finally settle as a singer, oboe player, and pianist. I’ve just graduated from a music degree but no, my PGCE is not leading towards me becoming a music teacher. As a music listener, my taste is pretty eclectic but when it comes to genres I’m pretty flummoxed – so I can talk about what I like and love and maybe even why, but I certainly can’t talk about music with much wisdom.
How about travel? I’ve done a fair bit of that! But then is that only interesting as and when you do it? Currently a blog would be consumed by my turmoil over potential travel plans for the coming summer – would I rather go here or there? Who would I like go with? When am I going to go? Will I actually have any money left?
Then of course I’m an avid foodie, but I’d rather do the eating than the cooking. I’m a huge lover of vintage clothing and antiques, but again I know absolutely nothing besides the fact that I should have been around in the 80s and that vintage tea sets look pretty. I love tea and teashops and most things quintessentially British like the trips to the seaside in all weathers, romps in the woods, wellington boots and bonfire night, but how much is there to say beyond, ‘Enjoyed a spot of Earl Grey at Biddy’s tearoom to warm the cockles after battling the wind and rain on the coast’?

Actually though, rambling on about what I’m not well informed enough to ramble on about has given me some potential inspiration. Yesterday I found myself in an old shop that sold vintage postcards, stamps and coins, and I spent absolutely ages rummaging through them all, reading the messages on the back from ladies called ‘Carrie’ and ‘Ivy’ from the 40s and 50s. It brought me to realise that the art of writing a postcard really has been lost. Most of these cards were written for the purpose of delivering simple messages alerting friends to their presence in the town,
‘Dear Mavis, expect me for tea on Thursday afternoon. In Norwich for the week. Love, Dorothy’.
Nowadays they’re an excuse to boast about how wonderful, jam packed and valuable an experience your holiday is, and the picture on the front bears very little resemblance to what you’ve actually seen! Seeing postcards used for such a basic purpose seemed really sweet to me.
So, a decision has been made – my blog, effectively a selection of virtual postcards containing the small pleasantries one may or may not be interested in regarding the plethora of ‘quirks’ that encompass my days.