Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Not even made it to the New Year and already thinking ahead to what my resolutions may be. For me resolutions seem to be made not only on the 1st of January but at every turning point; new term, next birthday, even just a new week. Had a lovely week post-Christmas full of family visits, a spa trip, and a brief walk on the beach cut a little too short as we were caught out by a torrential downpour. All of these things got me thinking about what I already have and love, and what might benefit from a little change. Hopefully this year should be a pretty exciting one, with a bit of luck ending with the completion of my first term of teaching. I suppose the only thing is how I get to that point, so I thought resolutions this year could help to lead me there.
First the family visit experience. I have an unusually tiny family admittedly, with only two cousins, two sets of aunts and uncles and sadly only one grandparent, but we never cease to have fun. Visits are often limited to once or twice a year, yet despite the distance and the time apart it always surprises me just how alike we all are. Christmas in particular is done better by no other family in terms of the sheer volume of decorations, eating, and silly games. Highlight this year had to be my 86-year-old Nan (‘same age as the Queen don’t you know?’) acting out the word ‘dead’ in a charades-type game – complete silence, and a bout of hysteria swept the room as no one knew quite how to react to the situation (she really was very convincing).
Spa was a first-time experience of the whole shebang so quite a revelation, but very lovely. Sitting on a lounger in a darkened room with pictures of the beach and sounds of the sea didn’t feel quite as satisfying when I wasn’t getting a tan, and spending the day in a robe surrounded by fellow robe-wearers could take some getting used to. Then managing a cup of tea and a mince pie whilst covered in mud was not something which was particularly successful and the consequence of mud washed off by ‘tropical rain’ may have been more than a little disturbing to other guests. Regardless, would definitely repeat the experience!
Finally the walk today was not quite as idyllic as the last one, although again quite an experience. As everyone else abandoned the beach when the first few drops of rain fell, we soldiered on thinking them complete wimps – only seconds later to be soaked through to the bone resulting in a hasty, side-stepping escape, battling against the winds in pursuit of a beach hut for shelter!
Life is fun, and I wouldn’t change a lot of things for the world. But aims for the year are as follows (and now I have plenty of witnesses to give me the much needed nudges):

1.       Stop being so lazy! The contrast between a year spent on my feet all day, every day, to a term of 9-5 sitting down is already taking its toll – I WILL start moving more again.
2.       Budget! If I actually want to be able to afford to do anything or go anywhere by the end of this year, I really need to keep an eye on my spending again... Yes the ring and vintage habit may have to take a cut-back. I weep.
3.       Pass this year! Think that one’s pretty self-explanatory. Just got to make sure I don’t burn out, hence the need for my down-time, friends, family, and having fun. Maybe I’ll even get a job too??

I’m excited.