Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Courgetti Bolognaise

Was expecting to be sat in Biddy’s Tearoom today, surrounded by cake and thinking about how much more I love cake than healthy eating and exercise but then a strange thing happened... I found myself instead buying a ‘Berry Good’ at Finnie’s Juice Bar next door. Juice! Juice? Me, the person who would frequently claim that I don’t even like the stuff! Have to admit though, it was good – raspberries, apple and pineapple (instead of the white grape which they didn’t have, resulting in reduced price juice, even better!), yum. Anyway, stop being so lazy seems to have inspired me to be more adventurous with food, which in the grand scheme of things (or rather in the three days since the wave of inspiration occurred) seems to be along the lines of eating more healthy food too!

I’m not aiming in the direction of anything resembling a diet or any massively intense exercise regime; I’m just trying to release lots of endorphins to keep stress at bay. So following my ‘Courgetti Bolognaise’ inspired by Hemsley and Hemsley - it’s all so pretty!

yesterday evening, which was actually equally as tasty if not more so than the traditional Spag Bol, I headed to the gym for the first time this year.

The gym is a scary place for me. There are all these keen people in actual gym clothes – instead of Matalan leggings, a H&M strap top and an actual bra – who actually know what to do with all the different sized balls – which I think just look like a LOT of fun – doing their exercises on the mats and watching themselves lift tiny weights in the mirrors to ‘perfect technique’. Then I roll up, hair all sticking about in strange directions (I hadn’t considered that it would no longer go into a neat little ponytail) and just pray that I don’t bump into anyone I know so that I won’t be seen struggling with the machines – not the working out you understand, just making them work in the first place! I just always find adjusting things so tricky. I’m quite small so when I’m on a bike I sliiiide the seat all the way down to as low as it can possibly be, and it’s only when I’m already 5 minutes into my cycling that I realise my knees are actually slightly bent and I’m probably doing myself more harm than good but I don’t want to stop to adjust the seat again because anyone that spots me will think I’m taking a break from exercise. So instead, I have to attempt to raise myself slightly, still pedalling and adjust the seat mid cycle. It just doesn’t work. Scary as it is, I find myself going back for entertainment purposes more than anything, although I must admit I do actually quite enjoy pretending I can row and apparently I also enjoy juice and other forms of healthy eating? But ‘shh’, don’t tell anyone!