Tuesday, 12 March 2013


A couple of pieces from Christmas <3
Bit of a bus adventure again this weekend (my life is TOO exciting!). Content in my bus bubble I was hypnotised by clumps of icy snow sliding down the window, with the occasional rude interruption of branches battering the top and sides of the vehicle as we trundled down roads clearly too narrow for wide loads! Two and a half hours later... and no thanks to the almighty detour, I landed. I rarely seem to get out of Norfolk these days, and this weekend was no exception as my bus journey was only from as far as Norwich. But it really was lovely to be back, particularly as I took the opportunity to go antiquing! I say antiquing, I didn’t actually purchase for once, but there is still nothing I enjoy more in a torrential downpour than taking shelter in a flea market. I have a penchant for mis-match china, jewellery (of course), mirrors, and anything else that looks pretty to me, regardless of its function!

The previous weekend I had visited St Andrew’s Hall for a vintage fair, where my friend and I admired the many men lining the walls in their high and mighty paintings, reminiscing over the days of curing boredom in our rehearsals in the oboe section by deciding which we’d rather like to marry. With all the memories of past performances it still feels a little odd to be in there when it’s full to the brim with vintage clothing or antiques, but what a space for it! In my attempt to relieve myself of bad hair with a little wander in the pouring rain (I know it sounds ridiculous but I was convinced that the wet-look would at least flatten it slightly) I stumbled upon a flea market there this weekend, and spent a good hour moseying around and having my jewellery complimented by ‘vintage’ ladies, lovely. As I’d made it to that end of town, thought I’d continue the theme and head for Loose’s Antiques Emporium. I rarely allow myself the pleasure of a trip to Loose’s (so called because it is set-up in the old Loose’s Cookshop building, not to be confused!) as I so easily lose myself in it all so need a rather large amount of browsing time. If it wasn’t already enough of an ‘emporium’, this time I was treated to even more antiques out back, and the entire upper floor was open and abundant with treasures (it’s so huuuuge)!

Very difficult to tear myself away and keep my purse in my bag (bus journeys are hardly the place for stacks of antiques, let alone when they’re quite so rattly) but I am already so excited for my return and another day of antiquing!  
Elm Hill