Sunday, 13 October 2013

It's only taken a move to London to have a close encounter with a heron

This weekend, I finally got the opportunity to have a little explore! Admittedly, it wasn't a planned explore, but I'm glad it happened because it really brought me back to feeling like my proper self!

I've spent the past month and a bit absolutely loving life. It still doesn't feel quite real that I actually live in London, and I'm sort of finding myself waiting for my visit to come to an end. But it is real. I do live in London. And I've now been in my own place for a week, so I really really live here now!

The pace of life here is something you're aware of, but that you don't really notice or think about until you take a step back. My visit to Norwich a couple of weekends ago made Norfolk feel s l o w. But then I thought, perhaps London is just that fast? ... I'm now thinking it's probably a bit of both. I've been swept into a real whirlwind here. At work, at home, at play. Everything just flashes by and so much is happening all the time! I love it, because I'm someone who manages to make flashing by happen even when most people would feel as though there was not a lot going on, but it is exhausting!

This weekend, I got lost. At one point, I couldn't help but wonder whether I was doing a bit of a Rosie's Walk through some rather conspicuous areas (massively geeky teacher/children's literature reference alert!!), but I was absolutely fascinated nevertheless, and loved that I was completely out of control of where I was headed.

I'm a commute-lover. As long as I can watch the world go by with some pleasant musical accompaniment/interesting conversation to ear-wig in to, I'm content. But at the same time, it was rather refreshing to be off the beaten track and to have some new experiences this weekend.

As with most people, I am a creature of habit, so like to return to places where I can be comfortable in the knowledge that I will enjoy myself. I am also a water-baby (who can't swim), so am always drawn to the sea, lakes, and rivers to paddle, wander and stare at reflections. On Saturday I discovered the River Lea upon getting completely lost whilst im pursuit of a retail park where I was intending to purchase exciting items such as lightbulbs and timer switches. As I walked through the gate that took me along the 'River Walk' (so the sign told me), I couldn't help but feel that that wasn't actually what I wanted to be doing. However, as I continued along the path, narrowly avoiding cyclists and dog-walkers abundant, I began to feel quite glad that I had taken such a monumental detour, particulaly as I neared a tallish grey/black feathered friend with a long beak; which in my ignorance/Norfolk-girl-snobbery I assumed couldn't possibly be a heron in London, but must instead be a 'wooden thing'. It transpires that herons London are, unsurprisingly, a lot more tame than those fleeing the scene in Thornham, as he stood all tall and proud as I gingerly walked by (those beaks really are long)! Fortunately, I did eventually make it to the retail park for my boring shopping - I had to make sure the day was at least partially productive to allow for fraternising with river birds.

Wandering all the way to and from Stamford Hill along the cycle route, exploring a little more of the local area, Shoreditch on a rainy Sunday, it's been quite the weekend of adventure! I'm now on a mission to have a little explore each weekend to keep inquisitive Laura entertained. Plan is to choose a point on the tube, and go! I'm excited!

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