Saturday, 4 January 2014

A new calendar year, some more New Year Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions from 2013:
- stop being so lazy
- budget
- pass the PGCE year/get a job

Well, I'm sitting with my feet up on a new pouffe/fighting over a pouffe with a sleepy kitten as I write this so I'm not entirely sure how well the first two went, but I am sitting in London (on a chair, in a living room, in my flat - sounding a little like Funny Bones) having definitely succeeded in achieving resolution number 3!

As mentioned in last year's post, resolutions are made by me at every turning point. While it may be a new calendar year, I am bound to a life of academic years, so really, my big turning point happened in September. When asked how teaching is going so far, my response has been

'well, there's certainly never a dull moment'

and it's so true. Already, this 'year' (academic) has taught me a lot - I am handwriting this before I type, and my handwriting strikes me as a big change. As materialistic as that may sound, my handwriting has been the topic of great discussion through the years. A lot like Marmite, some have always thought it very neat and thus I have become designated scribe for many a task, while by others it has been considered atrocious.

So 'poof' is apparently really spelt 'pouffe'. Who knew?
Anyway, divulging too much pointless information. What the year has taught me most is to be reflective. I've always considered myself to be reflective anyway (at least, my ramblings have led me to believe that that's what I was doing), but I wonder whether perhaps there are different forms of reflection (as she bursts into song from Mulan). I'm not going to go into some potentially dull, potentially very lively philosophical debate with myself over the matter, I am simply going to suggest that perhaps this year's resolutions are the result of the effects of a first term in teaching (can you believe I survived?!).

Feeling more like myself in this moment than I have done in weeks, I am aware that holding on to this sense will require a manifold approach, in which all folds are intrinsic and a direct result of one another. So here we go...

Resolution Number One - improve diet! 
Actually eating would make an excellent start (although perhaps post-Christmas, returning to a diet consisting entirely of Hemsley & Hemsley recipes wouldn't be the worst thing in the world). Diet also refers to liquid intake (sorry Hugh, I think I might attempt to cut back). Watch this space.

Resolution Number Two - make time for real Laura time!
This involves intentional aimless wandering, unnecessary pampering, musical moments, reading and WRITING more (I know I've said it before, but I really will return to more regular posting)!

And Resolution Number Three (just to follow on from last year's pattern) - pass my NQT year/hold on to my job!

As ever, I'm beyond broad in the hope that in some small way I may be able to achieve something this year! The main aim is to maintain the colour that has come back to me (I literally mean my skin tone, that's not meant to be deep and meaningful - it's pure vanity) and fight off the bags under my eyes until Easter at least (no one wants to look sallow on their birthday)... challenge, accepted! 

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