Sunday, 19 January 2014

London isn't all that big really.

Attempting to write a half-decent post in 15 minutes having just made the discovery that Mr Selfridge returns to ITV TONIGHT (I am beyond excited)!

My pursuit of green space today began with a trip to Regent’s Park. In the planning of a route to take, I turned to a map of the area (maps are yet another of my slightly strange likes; perhaps at a time like this I realise even more than usual how this is for their prettiness as opposed to the practicality of them) and got rather over-excited that there are actually three of the better London parks within a stone’s throw from one another – I refer to Green Park, Kensington Gardens, and Regent’s Park itself (this is one of those embarrassing moments where anyone reading this will be saying, ‘well, obviously. I could have told you that Laura’.

Love a bit of 'Old and New'
I had a whole day planned with rough timings and everything! However upon arrival to Regent’s Park, and an encounter with a more detailed park map, I discovered that in my prior map-reading endeavour I had missed a trick – Primrose Hill!

As viewpoints go, I’ve always been more than content with Hampstead Heath and Alexandra Palace, or a bridge across the river somewhere. I’d heard of Primrose Hill, I was just never sure where it was, and have never put in any great effort to locate it. I now see why it is where I should have dragged people for New Year’s firework-spotting, as unlike the afore-mentioned hills with views, this one seems to offer rather a close encounter with the city – instead of half guessing what the different buildings jutting up in the skyline are, I could clearly distinguish The Shard, The Gherkin, Canary Wharf, The London Eye, and even the towers belonging to Tower Bridge.

Mesmerised as always, I could have probably stayed for a day if it wasn’t for the American tourists en mass and slippery mud unsuitable for sitting. I’ll definitely be going back for more!

As most of my days let loose on London tend to go, the rest was spent wandering the streets as it dawned on me how one place almost became the next;

Regent’s Park to Primrose Hill to Chalk Farm to Camden Town and back around in a grand circle to Regent’s Park.

(who knew that Regent’s Park was so close to Camden, that Chalk Farm looks so different in the day time, and that Primrose Hill is practically PART OF Regent’s Park? You did. I do too now!).

Graffiti I had crossed paths with before and regretted not taking a photo of. I do love an elephant!
Stables Market, Chalk Farm/Camden 
Colourful graffiti on a bridge over Regent's Canal
I ache a little, and definitely did not (but I did really) have a nap upon my return home, but it was absolutely worth it. Another weekend well spent I think!

(Mr Selfridge did not disappoint, catch it if you can/are at all into that sort of thing)!