Thursday, 10 March 2016

Anna Laurini - Faces

Tonight marked my final university session of the year. I've just got a deadline to meet in May then I'm done until dissertation looms next year and I'm actually incredibly sad that my Masters is flying by so fast! After a speedy (and successful yet terrifying) tutorial (apparently I'm about to fill a gap in the literature...), I made my way to Percy Street in pursuit of Anna Laurini's Faces exhibition.

Recognisable first and foremost for the line drawn (or rather painted) faces popping up all over the streets of London, those on display in the gallery had more colour and depth to them and I loved the way they had been curated. Having set up where a clothes shop stood before, there were pouffes and elegant chairs remaining and the positioning of these actually added quite nicely to the pieces.

No art critic by any means (as I expressed to the artist herself, music is my art, I'm no good at the other stuff), I just think Anna's work is incredibly stylistic and was particularly beautiful with the added detail so I wanted to share some of what I saw. Another postcard from me to you.


One of my favourites. I really loved the book pages collaged to form the background.

Want to admire with your own eyes as opposed to through the lens of my phone? The exhibition is on until this Sunday the 13th at 3 Percy Street, Fitzrovia and it's definitely worth a peruse!

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