Saturday, 26 March 2016

Hello, Spring!

Ok so today we're back to drizzle and grey but yesterday the sun shone so of course I went outside. My mission: Easter.

Disorganised as always (but also in love with a themed display), I decided to visit some fancy foodcourts to see what Easter treats they had on offer. General consensus? Very few. Clearly other people were far more organised than me and had already emptied the shelves of anything worth having (or indeed seeing).

My day began at Fortnum & Mason where I indulged in tea and revelled in their customer service which never fails to make me feel special; 'would madam like a basket?' - 'thank you. Have a good... afternoon? Easter! Have a good Easter. Have a good everything!'

From Fortnum & Mason I then walked along in the sunshine to Harrods. My route took me via Paul for salmon quiche which I began to eat only once I had passed The Ritz and any concerns about crumb dropping were gone.

Once inside Harrods, I was quite impressed with myself for reaching the foodcourt so efficiently as I usually get utterly and completely lost in the claustrophobic cavern of narrow corridors with no windows to suggest which way is out.

It was a quick turnaround as even with 25% off, Artisan eggs were still £30 so I just grabbed a bottle of Fiji water and was on my way.

Selfridges was my final destination and the walk there was definitely my favourite as most of it involved strolling through the mass of green that is Hyde Park before then wending my way past seriously stunning homes in the streets that run parallel to Oxford Street, offering a slice of peace so surprisingly close to the absolute and complete opposite.

It's been a grey few weeks, or certainly entire days of sunshine have been hard to come by, so I was very glad to have got outside in the warmth.

Today I'm heading on an adventure in the South. Wiggly train writing occuring!